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About Komzii

Komzii is a unique social platform, making it simple for businesses to connect directly with consumers and discover a new way to bring products to market.

The platform is free to users.

Monthly subscriptions are available to market listings, advertise or grow your network.

The Komzii USP

An asset-backed token named KOMZ.

When you transact using your KOMZ token, you and your community keep 95% of the commission.

The next time you rent, buy a property or make any purchase using KOMZ token you’re ensuring that your community share in the wealth.

A bottom-up, shared economy.


Komzii Platform

Buy And Sell Through Fan Engagement

  • Komzii Marketplace offers many ways to collaborate to save money and share revenues.

  • Komzii is a P2P global marketing platform putting fun into e-commerce through fan engagement.

  • Komziis are social media influencers collaborating via their social media channels to create millions of eyeballs worldwide.


Purchase KOMZ tokens to transform the global economy, one transaction at a time:

  • A secure currency that you can trust and own.
  • 100% gold asset backed – always valued at a minimum of $1.
  • 95% of all commission rewarded to the Komzii community.
  • Securely store your newly earned wealth.
  • No negative interest – perhaps better than storing your wealth in a bank.

‘Unlock wealth so communities can share wealth.’

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Track the latest property information in your area or anywhere in the world, minute-by-minute.


Find reliable suppliers and stay connected to communities that you can trust.

Handshake Rule

Complete a transaction when buyer and seller click the handshake logo.

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Special Services

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Komzii Property

Komzii At-A-Glance

The new Komzii Platform establishes a future for today, positioning e-commerce at the centre of the $280Trillion dollar global real-estate market to provide consumers and businesses with greater opportunities and visibility to transact in FIAT and cryptocurrencies. A new way of transacting…

Earn tokens for sharing and publishing content:

  • Scan and redeem in retail outlets
  • Exchange tokens for FIAT or to pay bills
  • Gift tokens to family and friends

Unlock commission across global markets and take advantage of the power of the KOMZ token to secure passive income or expand your business.

‘Your network is your most valuable asset.’

Impact Numbers

Making An Impact In Our World

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